Lineage OS is the community-led vision of Android. The project maintains dozens of devices with current features even after their obsolescence. Over 1 million active installs later, people trust its non-commercial approach to privacy and customization.

The collapse of Cyanogen, Inc. left its open-source community without a brand - literally. The startup owned the rights to the name, so they had to start fresh. The team approached me to help set a clear and confident position for the project. First we defined the community’s values in a list of brand pillars. I then visualized the new name - Lineage - into an identity that invites curiosity and champions open technology.

Lineage logo on teal background
Logo (horizontal lockup)
Brand pillar names orbiting Lineage mark
Brand pillars

“Lineage” chose its name to reflect a wild past and hopeful future. This is etched directly in the mark’s design. It is a reminder to those at present of the project’s impact thus far, and all it will do for users to come.

Phone displaying a sample setup UI on textured background
sample setup start
Teal light shines on white logo and version number, all set on dark gray
Version release graphic

The identity’s style blends the interstellar with the earth-bound. Technical and human. Open but focused. Like the project’s work, it stands in contrast to the saturated swagger of today’s tech brands.

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Selection of icons designed for the core Lineage apps
selection of core app icon designs
Etched Lineage logo on back of phone
Etched logo render
Lineage bootup animation
System boot animation