The serene, hidden coastlines of downeast Maine might not be the first place you’d expect to produce someone like Asher. Nevertheless, since childhood he’s loved tinkering with gadgets, transfixed by their story, purpose, and design. In the face of dial-up speeds at home, Asher developed a fascination with the web, graphic design, and mobile technology. This combination led him to RIT where he graduated with a BS, majoring in New Media Marketing.

Asher’s career has been curated by a theme of empowering others. His work at CypherWorx provided new opportunities for nonprofits to train their teams in a digital space. At Cyanogen he worked to grow the large Android enthusiast community with commercial releases like the OnePlus One and designed mobile experiences with brands like Microsoft and Uber that showed people how to take control of their phones. He helped the Swappa team further their mission of providing a marketplace where people can upgrade their technology in an accessible, sustainable way.

Asher has continued this theme into the nonprofit space as well. Joining the team producing the Big Android BBQ, he helped provide a more affordable conference option for mobile developers and enthusiasts to convene, learn, and play (while also scarfing down delicious BBQ). This work grew into the nonprofit IDEAA, which for several years worked with brands like Google, Facebook, carriers, and device manufacturers to offer its events around the country and overseas.

Apart from work, Asher enjoys photography, snowboarding, and silly side projects with friends from all over.

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