International Developer Education and Advocacy Alliance

IDEAA’s secret recipe: mix community energy and developer education in a bowl until well blended. Beginning with a backyard barbecue, the nonprofit grew into a network of grassroots tech events that blurred the line between convention and conference. Attendees learned, played, and ate together while exploring the future of mobile devices.

After repeated success with the Big Android BBQ, organizers established themselves as IDEAA in 2015. This opened up new topics, event styles, and sponsorship opportunities. The team asked me to remix the BABBQ’s spirit into a platform-agnostic identity to surround their events. We created a system that reflected the hope, joy, and imagination inside each attendee.

Orange IDEAA logo on gray
Sheet of the 1/0 pattern twisting
IDEAA code pattern
IDEAA business cards and event swag
IDEAA business cards and attendee swag

IDEAA events feel local. They’re run by people who would otherwise pay to attend. Bottling this enthusiasm balanced the formal strength IDEAA’s new name carried. A lively color palette sits aside the binary motif creating the logo in lowercase. These humble 1’s and 0’s form everything in the identity just as they would in an attendee’s first Hello, World app. Focusing on the small gives this system its largest opportunities.

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Stack of 1/0 shape blocks filled with attendee photos
Attendee brand art
IDEAA's volunteer award certificate
Volunteer award certificate
Sample text treatment of event lineup
Text treatment
IDEAA website homepage
Website home
IDEAA t-shirts
Logo tees